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A large number of life sciences technology projects fail to achieve the promised benefits of cost reduction and quality improvement.  We have studied this area in depth and can help unlock the hidden value within the technology investments you have already made. 

bullet Change Management: this is a labor-intensive and expensive process...  we can reduce the costs of managing change by 65-85%

bullet Batch Records: we can help you deploy simple and low-cost batch record systems- often without the need for full ERP or MES deployment

bullet MES & DCS Deployment: our workflows / utilities can reduce the cost of creating DeltaV & Syncade design and test documentation by >80%

bullet Data Integration: break down the data silos which prevent you leveraging your technology assets to the full

Our experience with developing workflows designed to your match SOPs and processes- plus a solid grounding in manufacturing automation technology allow us to play a pivotal role in rationalizing your manufacturing cost structure.  Contact us today for a consultation on how we can reduce your costs.