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The life sciences industries- drug manufacturing in particular- face many new competitive challenges.  An industry which traditionally considered only new molecules and marketing skill as key differentiators, must now seek to find competitive advantage and lower costs at every link in the supply chain.  Our ability to identify, collect, and analyze operations data can play an important role in building a successful strategy for sustained advantage.  Among our capabilities are:

bullet Sourcing: are you getting the best prices from your suppliers?  Does your competition have a sourcing advantage?

bullet Compliance: do your SOPs & practices meet regulatory needs?  Are you burdening yourself with higher costs than the rest of the industry?

bullet Process: do you have the most efficient processes?  Are your competitiors innovating their way ahead of you?

bullet Security: supply chain and manufacturing data were once considered 'low risk'...  are you protecting your cost advantages adequately?

Operations strategy for the life sciences industries requires a broad array of skills, years of experience in the industry, and to be abreast of the latest innovations in processing technology.  We have these skills and can help you stay ahead of the pack.